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About Studio X

Our goal is to provide valued clients with the most comprehensive fitness program through a variety of dynamic and professional Group Classes, Personal training and Bootcamps. Our unique approach has earned us the trust and respect of our clients and peers, allowing us to maintain an excellent reputation in the fitness community.


Fitness Packages

(Spin included)

  • Beginner

    8 classes per month

  • Motivator

    12 classes per month

  • Silver

    16 classes per month

  • Platinum

    20 classes per month

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Yoga Packages

  • Intention

    8 classes per month

  • Connection

    12 classes per month

  • Breathe

    16 classes per month

  • Ultimate

    20 classes per month

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Services we provide

Studio X caters to everyone. Whether a beginner or advanced, we design a program that suits you.

Group Fitness Classes

We provide a range of fitness classes geared towards getting our clients into the best shape and health. Classes vary from cardio, strength, flexibility, yoga and toning.

Steady Progress Assessment

Trainers take monthly assessments of our clients to keep them on track and motivated.

Personal Training

We offer personalized training sessions to help clients achieve their fitness goals, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we also offer online personal training services.

Best Team

Our trainers have years of experience, certifications and are constantly learning and take refresher courses to stay up to date with the fitness industry.


We provide special strength and weight loss programs throughout the year at the studio


Message from the Owner

The Best Exercising Classes in Karachi

Time Table

Our Trainers

Client Testimonials

“I like to congratulate Studio X on their 20 years of journey. I joined Studio X a decade ago and now it's like a second home to me. By the passage of time fitness became my passion, i started my training with them. They have very trained and professional Trainers plus they offered variety of fitness classes like yoga , strength, HIIT especially spin , they are the best in Karachi. In the beginning I took my professional training from Jeanette, she is a Gem. I did my Strength and HIIT certification from other places also. Thank you guys for helping me to accomplish my goal. You guys are awesome, once again congratulations and BEST OF LUCK “

Madiha BabarSatisfied Client

Over the years, my journey with Studio X has transformed into a deep-rooted sense of family. From dedicated trainers to the supportive staff, everyone exudes respect and teamwork. This space has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of my daily life, becoming an integral and cherished aspect that I hold close

Ayesha FarooquiSatisfied Client

I started going to Studio X when I moved to Karachi in 2019.
The best decision I made since I loved the friendly environment and the group classes. I got to pick and choose from a variety of strength, cardio, yoga or Pilates. Jeanette is one of the best trainers I’ve experienced, and I’ve had the opportunity to try several trainers around the world. She is my fitness and workout guru

Erum LodhiSatisfied Client

"I'm really happy with my experience at Studio X. They offer a great mix of exercise options, from cardio focussed sessions to yoga classes from beginners to advanced levels. The instructors are knowledgeable, friendly and supportive, making the whole atmosphere really positivedio. Having worked with Jeannette at yoga over the years, I've seen improvements in my fitness and flexibility levels. I would recommend Studio X to anyone who is looking to commit to a healthier lifestyle

.Jamal NasirSatisfied Client

“I have been working with Janette for more than 10 years now, and what a journey. She is creative and constantly changing the workouts so we never get bored and never do the same workout twice. But more than that, I am thankful for the life changing habits and lifestyle choices that she’s educated me in. I no longer feel daunted about having a meal out, and no longer worry that if I have dinner out at the weekend, I will fall completely out of the wagon”. Thank you J

Saba JaffriSatisfied Client

“I started going to Studio X many years ago and it is the most loving, fun environment. I look forward to every workout there and I feel so good because we are all having fun while getting fit ❤Looooove Jeanette! She is a superstar, so lucky to have her ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mahnaz NooraniSatisfied Client

“Studio X has been my mainstay for the past two decades now.
I've seen it grow from strength to strength under the able guidance of Jeanette and her crew. It's seen my changing needs from a hi intensity weight training/cardio enthusiast to a devoted yogi and I couldn't have asked for a better guide...A very happy birthday Studio X looking forward to your next 20. “

Ayla RazaSatisfied Client

“Studio X is not only my gym, it my happy place where I have been working out since last 10 years. The assortment of classes from yoga to high intensity spin is just what I need during the week. They have the best trainers, courteous staff and a clean happy place.

Sana TalpurSatisfied Client

“Studio X has been a very important part of my personal growth journey. I started when I was 25 I am now 38. I think I started actually loving and accepting myself because of my favorite yoga instructor Jeannette. She is a born leader and a beautiful soul that lifts and empowers women. Studio X is a gym for women by women, they craft their services and classes keeping the greatest species of all time in mind “women”. There is not a place like this in Karachi and I hope it remains forever”

Sana SultanSatisfied Client

“Soulful yoga classes at Studio X helped bring me back to the mat after years of disappointment. I was able to regain confidence lost during recovery and rehab and Ambereen’s guidance was essential. Ambereen’s instructions are clear, she is able to decipher when I'm ready to take my pose to the next level and she teaches you how to listen to your body. I am especially grateful for her insight into the mind body connection and recommend her classes to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves.”

Ms Muna KhanSatisfied Client

Soulful yoga classes at Studio X have helped me connect more deeply with my mind and body. While the practice itself is well thought-out and planned, each class ends with some thought-provoking saying by Ambereen. That often leaves me reflecting more in life, and helps me enter the outside world with more confidence and resilience.
It’s also very heartwarming to see that the instructor often reaches out, and encourages her students to come to classes when someone might be irregular due to personal ups and downs. I’m really happy for Studio X to offer these and would highly recommend soulful yoga sessions to anyone considering yoga in their life.

Khadija ZahidSatisfied Client

I am a house wife and a mother of a special need daughter, so most of my mornings are very challenging and stressful. However, once I step into Studio X for my yoga class, I forget all my worries. I love Soulful yoga with my yogi Ambereen and also love to do Core yoga with darling Jennette. These classes keep me grounded and help me relax to deal with my day calmly

Javaria NisarSatisfied Client

After my almost two years of aggressive chemotherapy I went into Studio X barely having enough strength to push the door open to enter the building. I started my fitness journey with Jeanette in August 2022 with strengthening exercises and stretches. Jeanette worked patiently with me being cognizant of my weakness but gently within a few weeks led me towards weight bearing exercises. Jeanette is a true professional. She plans my weekly routine and ensures that I do it diligently. The exercises are always different and challenging which is what I want as well. A year later I am so well. I would recommend Studio X to anyone wanting to go that extra mile towards total well-being. Thank you Studio X and Jeanette

Shahida SiddiqueSatisfied Client

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